A Wedding Invitation- A night when the events happened

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I got a wedding invitation from one of my colleague a few days back. I was just back from another wedding at one of my relatives and this was invitation was dated for the first weekend after my return from 15 days(add subtract a two) holidays . I was pretty much excited about this event as I never attended any wedding outside my relatives circle. Since this one was of also from a person of different culture, my colleague is Bengali and the groom is a Tamil Guy. Me and another colleague of mine Arun (also one of my best friends in office) were planning to go to this wedding since we heard of the wedding. Since we stay nearby, we decided to leave together and will join another colleague of mine at Silk Board. Well the Day arrived and I called Arun around 3:15 PM. He told me that he will leave around 3:45 PM and so accordingly I should reach the bus stand on time. We caught the bus and reached the Silk Board around 5PM.Now this is the time and place when the series of events started.

Since we overestimated the time to reach the Silk Board (This third guy,one who should not be named,told us to be there around 6PM ), we decided to explore the area a little. Finally we found a small restaurant. As Arun didn’t have his lunch and ordered Noodles and juice. Then we came back to Silk Board and waiting for one who should not be named and had another round of snacks ( well It was just Badaam Milk but consider it as snacks) as he made us wait for another hour. Finally our guy came and we headed towards the Hosur in his car where the Reception was. Since neither of us did carry the invitation card and also none of us remembered the name of the marriage hall (yes we were going to a destination without address), we called another colleague of us who had already reached there to spell out the address. Now there was another problem. Hosur was in Tamilnadu and neither of us knew Tamil (Those who have been to TamilNadu can only understand this), we were asking people about the directions and they were looking at us like we were from all the way from Africa. Finally we saw one policeman who somehow explained the route and we reached the destination.

Ohh Boy, what is this? ***** B.E. MBA weds ***** B.Sc. MCA. This was what written on the front gate of the marriage Hall. Later I learned that this is pretty common in South India. Well for the interesting part, some people even prints on the marriage invitation card as this is a thing of prestige for the people over here in society. I was laughing way too much and even considered clicking a pic of it to show at home. Our guy parked his car and we entered the Hall. Now what, there is a queue to get a picture clicked(well also to wish couple a happy married life) with the couple like the one we have when we go to some famous temples. Oops, our guy, one who should not be named, the reason why he should not be named, forgot the gift purchased for the occasion at his home. Now what, lets go to market and find at least some flower bookey and we will give her the present later but yes you dont know Tamil. After wandering around for half an hour we managed to find a flower shop but yes, he does not sell bookey. Okay so what now, we purchased a nice wall clock as a present. Now we had to stand in that “temple like queue” for another half an hour to get our picture clicked with the couple. Standing in the queue I was feeling pity for the couple as they had been standing for as long as people were going to the stage for stills. Thank god in North India, couple remain seated while the people come and go(and offcourse wishes the couple). Well “Hamara Number AA Gaya” and photographer managed to get a click in two attempts though he was still waving his hands like he didn’t it to the frame but we decided to leave the stage after giving our best wishes to the couple. Now comes the part for which actually all the rush gathers in a wedding…FOOD. Arun was even a little more enthusiastic about it as he is a typical HardCore non-vegetarian bengali and he did not have any good bengali food since a long time. He had his high expectations set. But Once we saw those banana leafs lying on the tables, he was like the person gone into Coma. It was a pure south Indian meal. I somehow managed to eat few things while avoiding the most and we decided to drop by to a restaurant on our way back. Ohh yes, when we were coming out of the dining hall, we also got a coconut each of which Arun was thinking of using it as potential weapon against the bride ;-P. We headed back all tired towards our homes in the car of one who should not be named and thanks to him, he missed few turns and we missed our planned dinners to some restaurant in Indiranagar. Finally covering half of the city of bangalore, I reached home at around 11:20 PM. I was tired enough not to worry about the dinner I could had and felt asleep.
[sigh] Yes the day was over for me.
And after two days, that coconut is still waiting for its turn 🙂


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