To MR. DHONI- Can somebody pass it on to the right person

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Was browsing through the cricket news and read one comment by Mr. Captain Cool MS Dhoni that “Bonus Point- Very Difficult Task”

Ohh yes, Mr. Dhoni, Bonus point is a very difficult task if you will keep playing like this and take the games to last overs just so that you can steal the limelight of the show. I liked that Dhoni who could hit the balls anywhere in the ground. Since when you have changed your batting styles, as per adapting to the team’s requirement reasoned by you, I think its pretty much like you have forgot how to bat. You come to bat at no. 6 and your present batting style requires at least 50 balls to settle you down which in any circumstances cannot be permitted. I always thinks that you can be the best batsman at no. 3 or 4 but in plain english, at no. 6 you sucks. Your best innings have come in the top order. I have seen you coming to top order only when your openers have done pretty well for you but you have never come forward when the early wickets are down( Okay I know there are few exceptions here but one can count these on fingers). I like your batting when you have crossed the first 30 runs but as per your order, you have already consumes 50 odd balls for these runs and added an extra pressure on the batsmen on the other end forcing them to play shots and get out. India have got so many specialists who comments here and there but I wonder if anyone have told you this.

I think your lucky days are gone Mr. Captain Cool when your team supported you well on the performance front. I liked it when you tried different people on the squad. I liked it when you were taking risks like giving ball to someone like Joginder Sharma in final overs of crucial matches. I liked your unexpected but calculated decisions. I wonder what happened to that Dhoni.

Remember Mr. Dhoni, when you are giving output, nobody questions you even if there are some blunders happening but when you fails to give the result, your smallest mistake will catch enough no. of tongues.

Do you know why Indians watch cricket, Is it a very interesting game? No. The only reason we watch the this game is that this is the only game where Indian National Team is able to perform considerably well (do read as in comparison to other games) on an international stage but If you keep showing this Nation what Your Team Can Do, that day cant be far away when this game will see the empty stadiums and small cornered highlights of newspapers as like Hockey.
– A Cricket Fan


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