Did you know this about C?

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Technology
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smallest compilable program:

smallest executable program:

declaration of an integer global/function variable without using keyword int:

another way to declare the variables without using datatype keywords:
__typeof(1) var_name; //declares a variable of integer type
__typeof(1.0) var_name; //declares a variable of double type

reading garbage input without storing it to any variable

You can separate the words using multiline comments characters instead of space:

Well C is a powerful language and with years, so many features have been added to the language which we don’t use in daily life programming as a developer but its always fascinating to know the hidden concepts of a programming language as a programmer. Happy Programming.

  1. Eimear Fraid says:

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  2. […] continuation to the post const char *p,**p2; char *c,**c2; p=c; //no warning c=p; //warning a const pointer to a non const […]

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