why am I awake till now

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Just a few hours back I was feeling very tired ready to go to sleep, then what did change in those hours so that I am up awake at 2’o clock in the morning or night whatever you may wanna call it.
Refreshing the FaceBook page again and again for notifications though I am sure there wont be any…how can there be any when there is not much of the activity on my facebook account from my keyboard other than that regular F5 key press.
I have checked my gmail account a no. of times and getting frustrated again and again over those junk mails which I subscribed I dont remember when (they do claim that I have a subscription).
Wait, I just got another mail. Someone over linkedin have invited me to join his network. No its not his,its her. Wow, and she writes the cause to be as “since you are a person I can trust, I wanted you to join my network on linkedIn”. I dont know whether that is a default statement of the professional networking website or she had written it, but it feels amusing to me.
Back to the original question, why am I awake till now!! Well I too dont have the answer to that question, as I think it has become a routine for me for the weekends to go for late night or say early morning sleep. Last friday night, I watched 5 movies and then went to sleep and this friday, I have already scored 1. Not sure how much the count will go up. Is it what they call being insomniac. may be. A friend of mine who if calls after 11PM always reminds me of that I having the characteristics of an owl still awake after 11 though you can ask that the same is applicable for you also but she has got the reason ready being its her job which starts few hours after noon time and ends past midnight. Cant blame haan!!

As they say in HIMYM, nothing good happens after 2AM, bear with me for same for all the non-sense above though I can assure you I am not drunk at all and have written this post in my complete awareness of my senses.


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