Me and my Linux distros

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Technology
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I have been using the linux distros for quite a while now. My first distro was SuSE which lasted for couple of hours and then I switched to Ubuntu ultimate 2.0 because of its usability and the lack of time I had to learn the distro because of the urgency of couple of College Projects. Soon after the projects were over, I thought why not give a try to linux distro for all the usage and then I started looking for the best distro (I am not first person who does that 😉 ) and after suggestion from couple of friends , switched to fedora 10 with whom I lasted for couple of years. I don’t usually upgrade distros that often and fedora 10 was quite a stable version for me and I learnt a lot of internals of Unix on that distro. In between I also had an affair with RHEL for 1 or 2 months. With the release of Fedora 12-13, my fedora 10 was little outdated and now there was another college project lining up which required some unix work, time was to change the distro. Before changing the distro, I thought of upgrading to higher versions of fedora but there were so many problems with these versions of fedora, I decided to move to ubuntu. Since then I am using the Ubuntu.
I have tried ubuntu 9.04->9.10->10.04, but after upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, distro had so many problems and then I fell back to 10.04 and again stuck with it till date. I had no plans to give up 10.04 until I heard from one of my colleague that 12.04 beta of Ubuntu is quite a stable and also the features it have are quite awesome. I was using kernel 3.1.1 on 10.04 and since long, I was planning to upgrade the kernel, 12.04 already had 3.2 kernel, I told myself,”what the hell,give it a try” and I installed 12.04. With quite a stable wine and unity, I have given up the dual boot windows and 12.04 is the only distro my system have.
Its not even a week since 12.04 is up on my system, I am already in love with it. I am sure if anybody gets a taste of this version of Ubuntu, he/she is surely gonna give up on windows. In terms of performance, end user usability, animated effects, configurability, it has surely left behind the windows by quite a mile. May 12.04 be the grand success for Ubuntu, Amen.


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