Indian Politics: Is it the right time for a new party to come

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Few years back, a party made promise to the people of India that it will do this, it will do that. It will build Rammandir bla bla bla so many promises and people believed that party and brought that into power but after they came into the power, suddenly they started giving excuses for all the promises they made. Then the Indian people realized that they need a change and they saw a leader in Mrs Sonia Gandhi, a mourning widow of the Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. People gave this party enough power to come back into the ruling and do some good to the country. When they came into the power, under PM Manmohan Singh , this government did pretty well in those 5 years bringing an economic stability in India, making nuclear pacts with other countries, improved business relationships with the countries like France, Changing the face of Indian Railway etc. but the biggest achievement of this government was of not being afraid of the left parties who were the cause of politic unstability for past couple of decades. And that is why people showed the faith in this party again and this time they had more power in their hand, but like they say, not everybody deserves the great powers, so was the case with this government. This power poisoned their brain to such an extent that they started taking the decisions as like they were not the public servants anymore but the dictators of this country. Even the left parties saw their defeat in the last elections in WB as well as in LokSabha because of their blackmailing attitude towards center for last many years. But this government didnot learn from this defeat of left and continued making the decisions which are surely going to hurt them in future whose glimpse we have seen in the last VidhanSabha elections of UP and couple of other states.
Seeing the current situation of the Indian politics, different parties are doing good in different states but watching from an upper level, no party seems to make a cumulative impact on the people which is very bad for the country. Mulayam Singh Yadav made a good move in UP by making his son as CM. Niteesh Yadav have changed the face of Bihar in last few years. Narendra has already shown his power to the country as a CM of Gujarat. BJP have a potential leader in Narendra Modi but still I don’t know why they are holding the hands LK Advani.
Since there arent many choices the country have, I think the guys like Anna Hazaare should come up with a new party. If you want to bring a change into the system, be a part of the system and then change the system. Right now , whole country stands behind this one name Anna Hazaare. I think now is the right time to do this. Even if the Anna Hazaare does not stand up in next elections, given how the changes are happening in Indian politics, how the new faces are coming up, fresh blood is coming upfront, olds are too old that even common man wants them to retire, I can sense that this India won’t be the same 10 years down the line. Not far are the days of a new era.


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