Google CodeJam : Best Place to judge yourself

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Technology

I first came to know about codejam sometimes in April 2010 through one of the post in Facebook. At that time I was in IIT Kharagpur doing my summer internship. I managed to clear the qualification round somehow but could not wake up early in morning to compete in next round (it’s in morning at around 6:30AM). Last year, I could not participate into it due to some reason even I dont remeber what they were ;-). This year yesterday when I went to office to finish some of my work, I accidently checked my mails and found a reminder about codejam. I finished whatever the urgent works I had and came back to home so that I could participate in codejam. First question which was worth 15 points was way more easy but the next few questions were a bit tricky. After solving the first question in noon time, I was feeling a bit sleepy and so I went to sleep and woke up around 6’o clock. Checked my emails, facebooking and then after cooking the food, at around 9’o clock I was back with my laptop to solve more problems. After a bit of trying I was able to solve 2 more problems for both small and large inputs. I thought of considering to give fourth problem a try also but after reading the problem, I didn’t have the enough enthusiasm to go for that since I must accept that I become clueless when it comes to solving graphic patterns based problems though I know that they have the same mathematical logic behind it but some kind of fear drives me away from these kind of problems.
Why I consider codejam to be a real platform to judge yourself because of the quality of problems, quality of other programmers across the world. You can find some awesome logics in those codes sometimes and also you comes to know where you stand in the programming community. I learnt a lot of programming tricks from the competitions likes of codejam and will continue to learn and advise the same to others also.
Happy Programmming


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