China : People dont have internet rights

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was catching up with one of my online friend in china. We were talking about various topics. As we were talking about after very long time and a lot has been changed in our lives, we continued to chat for about 2 hours. We shared couple of music files which we like to my surprise I came to know that the sites like youtube, facebook are banned in china. Then I googled a bit and came to know that there are so many other websites which we use daily are banned in China. I am sure if these websites are banned in India, people will bring the government down the very next day. Even the Kapil Sibbal’s proposal of monitoring the internet could not last for long enough in front of the Indian Janta. Whats the use of internet if the services like google, wordpress are not there. Where is the freedom of speech. It seems like the hitlers are ruling in china.

  1. jetcracker says: is banned in China, too. 😦

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