Tao of programming

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Technology
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When I first joined Novell and I was very new to the Industry, Arun (My colleague) gave me the printout from this website. I read it the same night and I was quite amazed by the writing. Reading it was fun but at the same time , it was a lot of learning about what a real programmer is. It gave me an insight of what I might be facing in the Industry in coming future. I would say its a good read and those who love writing the pieces responsible for the execution of bytes, they are gonna love it.

  1. Arun says:

    One of my favourite lines from the Tao –

    “When I first began to program I would see before me the whole problem in one mass. After three years I no longer saw this mass. Instead, I used subroutines. But now I see nothing. My whole being exists in a formless void. My senses are idle. My spirit, free to work without plan, follows its own instinct. In short, my program writes itself. True, sometimes there are difficult problems. I see them coming, I slow down, I watch silently. Then I change a single line of code and the difficulties vanish like puffs of idle smoke. I then compile the program. I sit still and let the joy of the work fill my being. I close my eyes for a moment and then log off.”

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