Adding repeatative reminder using zenity

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Technology
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My colleague Arun posted about having a reminder using zenity in this post. When I saw this post, I told him that if its a reminder why not make it like an alarm in snoozed mode until unless it has been stopped properly, it should keep popping up reminding you of the task you have to do. Lets say you want a reminder after 10 minutes and then you want to keep popping it up in every 1 min, following is what you need to do in a terminal:
#crontab -e
Add following line
*/1 * * * * at -f ~/myjob now+10 min

first entry is minutes,then hours,then day of month,month and the last * can be replaced by day of week. last entry “at -f ~/myjob now+10 min” is the command which will be executed every single minute.
Save the File. Now in myjob file in your home directory, add the following lines as discussed in Arun’s post,
zenity –info –display=:0.0 –text \
“Time to get outta my face – your laptop”

When you have to turn off the reminder, just add a # in front of the first line as shown below:
#zenity –info –display=:0.0 –text \
“Time to get outta my face – your laptop”

and save the file. To change the message, edit the second line of myjob file,the text inside the quotes. Cheers


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