Firefox Inspect Element : Awesome

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Technology
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Was just browsing through the net from my FF12 in Ubuntu 12.04, right clicked on a web page and saw this new element in right click menu list “Inspect Item (Q)”. Just clicked on that and wow, its a can of “lovely worms”. Better source browsing with respect to the items on page, 3D view of the page to explain the layered structure of the page. I would say it makes a great learning experience for HTML/ Web Programming beginners to understand the different tags of HTML. Also it makes easy to understand the layout of complex web pages. I would say its a great great feature mozilla have embedded into FF. Though I am a little ate for this as Mozilla embedded it in 10.x release of FF only but its never late to have learnt something new.

3D Screenshot of the page when I was writing this blog entry


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