bringing back the cursor if the VMware hangs the mouse

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Technology
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I have learnt this small trick on how to bring back the cursor once your mouse is hanged in linux distros. For the people aware of using the shortcuts, this may not be a new thing but it seems to be very helpful to one of my colleague and he forced me to write this post.
Problem Statement : While using VMware on linux machines, after pressing the CTRL+ALT (key combination to come out of the VMware virtual monitor), mouse cursor is not visible.
Resolution : You need to minimize the VMware window. Default Key combination to minimize the window in various desktop environments is as follows:
LXDE : SUPER+D (SUPER is the the one on keyboard with microsoft logo)
Unity : CTRL + ALT +D
OPENBOX : same as LXDE
FLUXBOX : same as openbox

Above shortcuts may vary depending on the version of desktop environment and system configuration like I have configured SUPER+D on all of my desktop environment to minimize the windows. Well configuring the desktop environments is an all-together different story. Here after minimizing the VMware you can see your cursor back but if you again un-minimize the VMware and move the cursor onto the screen , you may lose the cursor again. So what you need to do is instead of moving the cursor over the vmware screen, move it sideways not crossing the screen and bring it to the VMware toolbar. Now you can poweroff/restart/whataever you want to do from VMware menu.


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