A few minutes of wait can save your life

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have seen that people cross railway barriers trying to pass the tracks even if barriers are closed and trains are coming. But sometimes a few minutes of hurry can take your life and turn the life of many upside down who are dependent on you. While coming back from home this time, I was standing near the gate while suddenly the train stopped near a railway barrier. Some people were murmuring that they saw someone going under the train wheels. A lot many people got down to actually see if something like that has happened. I too got down and walked along the crew. Walking a little towards the back of the train, I saw a lot many people standing and whispering to each other. I came out a bit upfront and saw a naked body only chest down with internal organs out of the body. It was a horrific view. The other half of the body ,chest up, could not be seen anywhere near the body. Some people told that because of the velocity and the wind, the other part was thrown away on the other side somewhere far in the open field around tracks. By the condition of the body, it could be recognised only if police could find something in the clothes which itself would be hard to find.
Nobody knew who the person was and one could imaging the condition of family who would have been waiting for him at home. While being in hurry, atleast think about the people who care about you . A few minutes delay can save a life of many.


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