An uninteresting train journey

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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While going home this time, I met few interesting people on the way. Some people boarded from Hyderabad and they had to get down at Bhopal . They were in a group of around 10-12. They started drinking in the train itself talking loudly in abusive language. One of them particulary, who was very fat and tall, was talking like he is some very rich person with people higher up in the ministries. He stopped anyone passing through the area and asked “kya bey kya dekh raha hai”. After sometime, he was smoking outside the train toilet while I happened to be coming out of toilet at the same time and I just had a glanced on the person standing outside while he said “Kya ghoor raha hai”. I did not understand it clearly what he said in the first time so asked him “sorry?”. He said the same thing again and I told him politely that I am just passing by. But it seemed to be that he was drunk and also was in some interesting mood, so he told the same thing this time in a very harsh tone. This made up my mood also and I was all over him this time saying “dekh kya raha hoon, jo saamne dikh raha hai wahi dekh raha hoon.” Also gave him a lecture about smoking in train and he did not seem to like it 😉 . To my luck 🙂 , his group mates were in the other coach and after hearing the shouts, lady who had the berth next to me allotted came there and told both of us to calm down. I returned to my berth while he came back again to my berth this time with his group pointing to me saying I was the guy who got involved with him . While I looked away and the lady next to me politely asked that person to go to his berth telling him that she will make me understand the things. I asked the attendent to tell me the coach no. where the RPF guys had been sitting but he too stood silent . Though I have filed a complaint regarding the issue on indian railway complaint forum but I dont think so anything is going to change . If the RPF staff can at least have a round after each station boarding, a lot can be avoided and the passengers can travel without being worried.


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