Praise to China

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Technology
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How aware a government can be? Visit this link.
Being the largest market of smart phones, Android shares a market share of 90+% in China. 90+ is quite a huge number. Android is no doubt a very good product but for the betterment of technology and also to avoid the future effects of monopoly, its always necessary to have a good competitor. It was good to read that their IT ministry keeps up with the market trends and presents such kind of research papers and motivates the industry towards a better technology. I can never imagine such kind of motivation in India where politicians are more worried about their chairs than the country’s growth. Where this step shows why China is more technologically advanced, we Indians take pride in being consumers or following the world when it comes to technology. I know that many people will come up with a lot of Indian names who have breakthroughs registered against their names but those are very sheer numbers if we compare it against the others.
Being a leader is not that tough job if we have the right kind of motivation and energy.

  1. China AFAIK has a complete program loop from R&D -> Production-> Sales-> Feedback->R&D , which is driven by the govt. This has always helped it as an entity. India has lot to recover, out of all , first where country leaders get away with politics and think for development 🙂

    • Kapil Jain says:

      True but so does the other countries its just a bit slow process there and in some of the countries like India it has died. That is why the last statement “Being a leader is not that tough job if we have the right kind of motivation and energy.”

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