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A misconception

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Technology
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From the time I first learned programming, I have been through many opinions regarding what is good, what is bad about various programming languages and constructs. I have heard the arguments like pointers are dangerous, goto statements are bad bla bla bla. After reading this controversy courtesy to this post, I have come to know about this wisdom that its all upto a programmer who can make things look good to which another programmer has addressed as bad. For e.g. this goto statement about which we have been taught from day one that minimize the use of goto in your programs (and if possible dont use it), if used intelligently can in fact make the readability of code much better but at the same point if a bad programmer uses it, God helps the person who is going to debug his code in later stages. Same is the thing with pointers. Yes one can do a lot with pointers but as said by the wise people, with freedom comes responsibilities and that is when those silly programmers labels the things as bad.


A good read for newbies

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Technology
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Read Here. Contains a lot of informations as well as many good links for newbies interested in Unix,Programming,becoming a hacker.

Tao of programming

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Technology
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When I first joined Novell and I was very new to the Industry, Arun (My colleague) gave me the printout from this website. I read it the same night and I was quite amazed by the writing. Reading it was fun but at the same time , it was a lot of learning about what a real programmer is. It gave me an insight of what I might be facing in the Industry in coming future. I would say its a good read and those who love writing the pieces responsible for the execution of bytes, they are gonna love it.

smallest compilable program:

smallest executable program:

declaration of an integer global/function variable without using keyword int:

another way to declare the variables without using datatype keywords:
__typeof(1) var_name; //declares a variable of integer type
__typeof(1.0) var_name; //declares a variable of double type

reading garbage input without storing it to any variable

You can separate the words using multiline comments characters instead of space:

Well C is a powerful language and with years, so many features have been added to the language which we don’t use in daily life programming as a developer but its always fascinating to know the hidden concepts of a programming language as a programmer. Happy Programming.