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Got you new android phone and suddenly you find out your phone suffering from battery drain, having less internal memory. Then you are at right place.  People are telling you to root your phone and also telling you that it will void your warranty,yes its true baby. However the real fun starts when you root your system. Apps like z4root or universal androot  lets you root your phone. If you have any problem and have to give your phone to company service center, unroot your phone using one of the applications above (yes it also allows you to unroot your phone) and now you are on beats.

must install apps on rooted droid device:

1. CPU Master Free

It allows your device cpu to get underclocked or overclocked saving battery when your device is ideal and providing performance when your device needs it.( an overclocked 600MHz cpu can provide more than 720 MHz speed…wow isnt it 🙂 )

2. Android Terminal Emulator

You wont need many apps if you install this one and knows how to play with linux file system using command line.  Most of the linux commands works here.

3. Droidwall

Having a limited data plan and so many applications in background are eating your data (believe me a lot of free applications have a lot of ads attached with them loaded dynamically from the internet).  Control the internet access for these apps with Droidwall,a firewall for android.

4. Appmonster

You accidently removed some apps and wants them back but not having any internet access. Save yourself from situation like this by backing up your apps to SDCard using appmonster.

Thats most of it but there are system apps like mySpaces(wonder who uses it)  hipped with your system eating your system memory while you dont wanna use them (there are much better aps out there), remove it. How? I will show you

  • goto Android Terminal Emulator
  • type  su and press enter to become superuser
  • type mount and press enter
  • look for a string like  “/dev/block/mtdblockX on /system”
  • type mount -rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblockX /system and press enter
  • type cd  /system/app  and press enter
  • remove the apk files you dont want (like mySpace.apk) entering the  command    rm  app_name.apk
  • when you are done with removing the apps, enter command reboot recovery
  • your system will be rebooted to recovery mode
  • clear the cache and reboot normally

Another Trick for 2G users to save some battery
Mostly by default your droid phone is configured for 3G network. If you are not using 3G, why let your battery drain for looking for 3G network while your phone will use 2G network only.

  • Go to Home of your Android Device
  • Open the Dialler and type  *#*#4636#*#*, a screen will appear showing the phone and battery information. In some of the phones, it takes a bit time for this screen to appear, just wait for few minutes dont push the call button.
  • goto phone information
  • scroll down to Set Preferred Network type:
  • change it to CDMA from CDMA auto (PRL) or GSM from GSM auto (PRL) depending on your phone type.
  • refresh and update the SMSC
  • your phone will reboot in some time automatically or you can perform a pull battery boot

Other Normal tips are to keep the brightness to minimum (trust me thats more than enough), donot keep wifi and bluetooth turned on everytime if you are not using it.

Thats all till next time have fun with your android …cheers 🙂