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Configure Wireless Driver In Ubuntu
Above is the link to a very nice article from ubuntu documentation to configure wireless driver on Ubuntu. However the catch in the article is that for the manual driver configuration, after installing the driver when you try to activate it from “system->administration->hardware drivers” or “Additional Drivers” (if using unity), it gives error and you wont be able to load the driver on each restart and you have to do it manually. To overcome this, just add an entry of the driver in /etc/modules file. Like for e.g. in my case of bcm4312 bcm driver, append following line in /etc/modules:
Now I am enjoying the Wifi in my Ubuntu 12.04. 🙂



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A continuation of the post
Tales Of Zen Master Greg
Al Koans
Loginataka-A really good read

Gateless Gate-A compilation of 13th century tales of Zen Religion

A good read for newbies

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Read Here. Contains a lot of informations as well as many good links for newbies interested in Unix,Programming,becoming a hacker.

Back to childhood memories

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Was coming back from office when I saw a kid walking past me. She was walking fast enough to leave everyone else behind as if she was in some kind of competition with the other people taking longer steps than usual. Seeing her, I could not stop myself from having a smile on my face as I used to behave same. Whether I am walking or on a cycle, I always felt like I am in a competition and I have to get past of everyone ahead of me even if I saw a person ahead of me a mile and I used to set the target for myself like I have to get past that person before my walk is over (reached to destination). I remember cycling and competing with a guy on scooter. I was around 14 or 15 yr old. It wasn’t long that he realised that I was competing with him and he told me that “ok, lets see who win”. Though somehow, due to the traffic on the road, I somehow left him behind before the turn of the road came where he had to take a different path but I had a feel of pride that I did beat a guy scooter. However I never mentioned it at home (would surely had got the spankings for such an act on busy roads). Those Days 🙂

I just watched this video on youtube and it made me think is it really that whom we used to consider the weak till yesterday are the ones having more power due to the rules created to make them strong. Its everywhere whether its reservation based on cast, boys vs girls and so many more are the cases…just think

I was sitting in a meeting that did not involve much interaction from me and on the other hand I had a lot more work to do on my workstation but attending the meet was also important. Then I thought there must be some app in android till date which can allow an Remote Desktop Connection to my workstation and I started searching for it. Then I found this app 2X client which allows rdp connection as well as vpn connections but the interface was not good. Then I found this nice app Pocket Cloud Remote RDP/VNC and the way its interface is designed and the usability, it is really a great app. I have been using it regularly to drive my work while away from workstation.

Just found out this website which discusses about technical legal disputes among the giants of the Industry. Must check it out.