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In December 2010, Indian actress, Jayamala was investigated by the Crimes Branch of the police, on order of the Kerala state government in India, and then officially charged with violating Indian law.

Her crime, it seems, is to belong to a gender that menstruates!

She was charged under Section 295 of the Indian Penal Code for “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feeling of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs.”

What was Jayamala’s “deliberate and malicious” act?

Her crime was she visited a certain temple, about 23 years ago, when she  18 years old, because she  wanted to worship there.

And why did this simple act of devotion “outrage” some people? Why was it so “insulting” to them?

Because this particular temple, like many others in India has an old rule.  No female who is menstruating can enter the temple. Menstruating girls and women in…

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Robo Age is coming

Last Sunday I got the chance to run for TCS World Open 10K run. It would had been a long time since I last woke up early at 5:30. Got ready and reached the office to catch the cab (my office arranged for the cabs to the venue for all participants 🙂 ). When we reached the venue, run had already started. I hurried up to the baggage counter to have my bag deposited and started the run after 15 minutes of scheduled time. 2013-05-19_07-29-19_93



It was an whole together different atmosphere with Radio Mirchi RJs cheering on mics and whole crowd ( > 20K people) shouting and running. It was all colorful around. Along the track, people were standing and clapping for the runners. Volunteers were providing the water bottles and energy drinks.


Cheerleaders, loud music, runners shouting and cheering for each other, drums and dhols, DJs.


View at the finish line was watchable as people running with open arms. Once you reach past the finish line, refreshments were waiting along with a medal. A nike stall was also there where people could jump on jumping platform. It was a good experience to have and if got the chance, would like to make a run again.

With Ubuntu 13.04 got released few days back, development for the next release has started and you can try the nightly builds of this new release from here

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