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Few years back, a party made promise to the people of India that it will do this, it will do that. It will build Rammandir bla bla bla so many promises and people believed that party and brought that into power but after they came into the power, suddenly they started giving excuses for all the promises they made. Then the Indian people realized that they need a change and they saw a leader in Mrs Sonia Gandhi, a mourning widow of the Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. People gave this party enough power to come back into the ruling and do some good to the country. When they came into the power, under PM Manmohan Singh , this government did pretty well in those 5 years bringing an economic stability in India, making nuclear pacts with other countries, improved business relationships with the countries like France, Changing the face of Indian Railway etc. but the biggest achievement of this government was of not being afraid of the left parties who were the cause of politic unstability for past couple of decades. And that is why people showed the faith in this party again and this time they had more power in their hand, but like they say, not everybody deserves the great powers, so was the case with this government. This power poisoned their brain to such an extent that they started taking the decisions as like they were not the public servants anymore but the dictators of this country. Even the left parties saw their defeat in the last elections in WB as well as in LokSabha because of their blackmailing attitude towards center for last many years. But this government didnot learn from this defeat of left and continued making the decisions which are surely going to hurt them in future whose glimpse we have seen in the last VidhanSabha elections of UP and couple of other states.
Seeing the current situation of the Indian politics, different parties are doing good in different states but watching from an upper level, no party seems to make a cumulative impact on the people which is very bad for the country. Mulayam Singh Yadav made a good move in UP by making his son as CM. Niteesh Yadav have changed the face of Bihar in last few years. Narendra has already shown his power to the country as a CM of Gujarat. BJP have a potential leader in Narendra Modi but still I don’t know why they are holding the hands LK Advani.
Since there arent many choices the country have, I think the guys like Anna Hazaare should come up with a new party. If you want to bring a change into the system, be a part of the system and then change the system. Right now , whole country stands behind this one name Anna Hazaare. I think now is the right time to do this. Even if the Anna Hazaare does not stand up in next elections, given how the changes are happening in Indian politics, how the new faces are coming up, fresh blood is coming upfront, olds are too old that even common man wants them to retire, I can sense that this India won’t be the same 10 years down the line. Not far are the days of a new era.


That inbox icon on the side shows 3 unread emails and you wonders where are those emails in your gmail mailbox, here is a trick to find all the unread emails in mail. In that little search box above on gmail page, type “in:unread” without quotes and press enter and here you are with all your unread emails lying in front of you.cheers. happy blogging.

Till Ubuntu 9.10, getting a copy of the video you see online to your local HDD was quite easy. Just let the video buffer and copy it from /tmp directory. However with the higher releases of Ubuntu, this is no more the case. Though still your videos get buffered in /tmp directory, but as soon as it is buffered, hard link present in /tmp directory is deleted and the only hard link maintained to this file is present in /proc directory under the PID of the flashplugin process running on your system. However there are scripts which can copy your video to some-else directory before the file is deleted.



args=`echo $args | sed 's/[/]$//'`

pids=`eval pgrep -f flashplayer`
for pid in $pids
lsoutput=$(lsof -p $pid | grep '/tmp/Flash[^ ]*')

for line in $lsoutput; do
lsout1=`echo $line | awk '{print "/proc/" $2 "/fd/" $4}' | sed 's/[rwu]$//'`
lsout2=`echo $line | awk '{print $9}' | awk -F '/' '{print $3}'`

if [ -n "$args" ];then
if [ -d $args ]; then
echo "Copying $lsout2 to $args/"
eval "cp $lsout1 $args/$lsout2.flv"
echo "The directory \"$args\" doesn't exist"
echo "Copying $lsout2"
eval "cp $lsout1 $lsout2.flv"


Copy the above script to a file in your home directory. Open the terminal and enter following commands after your video is buffered in browser:

chmod +x

where TARGETDIR is the directory where you want to store your buffered video

To download the video from youtube without doing buffering, download script file from
Do a “chmod +x youtube-dl”
and run the script as
“./youtube-dl URL_OF_YOUTUBE_VIDEO”

I have been using the linux distros for quite a while now. My first distro was SuSE which lasted for couple of hours and then I switched to Ubuntu ultimate 2.0 because of its usability and the lack of time I had to learn the distro because of the urgency of couple of College Projects. Soon after the projects were over, I thought why not give a try to linux distro for all the usage and then I started looking for the best distro (I am not first person who does that 😉 ) and after suggestion from couple of friends , switched to fedora 10 with whom I lasted for couple of years. I don’t usually upgrade distros that often and fedora 10 was quite a stable version for me and I learnt a lot of internals of Unix on that distro. In between I also had an affair with RHEL for 1 or 2 months. With the release of Fedora 12-13, my fedora 10 was little outdated and now there was another college project lining up which required some unix work, time was to change the distro. Before changing the distro, I thought of upgrading to higher versions of fedora but there were so many problems with these versions of fedora, I decided to move to ubuntu. Since then I am using the Ubuntu.
I have tried ubuntu 9.04->9.10->10.04, but after upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, distro had so many problems and then I fell back to 10.04 and again stuck with it till date. I had no plans to give up 10.04 until I heard from one of my colleague that 12.04 beta of Ubuntu is quite a stable and also the features it have are quite awesome. I was using kernel 3.1.1 on 10.04 and since long, I was planning to upgrade the kernel, 12.04 already had 3.2 kernel, I told myself,”what the hell,give it a try” and I installed 12.04. With quite a stable wine and unity, I have given up the dual boot windows and 12.04 is the only distro my system have.
Its not even a week since 12.04 is up on my system, I am already in love with it. I am sure if anybody gets a taste of this version of Ubuntu, he/she is surely gonna give up on windows. In terms of performance, end user usability, animated effects, configurability, it has surely left behind the windows by quite a mile. May 12.04 be the grand success for Ubuntu, Amen.

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 Beta and connected my photon device to the syste. Oops , I cant see any USB device detected to the system. Now what I had to do is just google a little. After googling I found the solution that the way of connecting to the mobile broadband is totally changed in 12.04. Here are the steps to connect to your device:
1. Click on network icon and goto edit connections.
2. Goto Mobile Broadband and click on Add
3. This will auto detect the device. Follow the steps according the screens.
After completing the steps, again goto network icon and try to connect to the device.
If ur device is not auto detected, try following
sudo usb_modeswitch -c /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446

why am I awake till now

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Just a few hours back I was feeling very tired ready to go to sleep, then what did change in those hours so that I am up awake at 2’o clock in the morning or night whatever you may wanna call it.
Refreshing the FaceBook page again and again for notifications though I am sure there wont be any…how can there be any when there is not much of the activity on my facebook account from my keyboard other than that regular F5 key press.
I have checked my gmail account a no. of times and getting frustrated again and again over those junk mails which I subscribed I dont remember when (they do claim that I have a subscription).
Wait, I just got another mail. Someone over linkedin have invited me to join his network. No its not his,its her. Wow, and she writes the cause to be as “since you are a person I can trust, I wanted you to join my network on linkedIn”. I dont know whether that is a default statement of the professional networking website or she had written it, but it feels amusing to me.
Back to the original question, why am I awake till now!! Well I too dont have the answer to that question, as I think it has become a routine for me for the weekends to go for late night or say early morning sleep. Last friday night, I watched 5 movies and then went to sleep and this friday, I have already scored 1. Not sure how much the count will go up. Is it what they call being insomniac. may be. A friend of mine who if calls after 11PM always reminds me of that I having the characteristics of an owl still awake after 11 though you can ask that the same is applicable for you also but she has got the reason ready being its her job which starts few hours after noon time and ends past midnight. Cant blame haan!!

As they say in HIMYM, nothing good happens after 2AM, bear with me for same for all the non-sense above though I can assure you I am not drunk at all and have written this post in my complete awareness of my senses.