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This is a radio show from Big 92.7 FM. Though I have never listened to this show on Radio but I download its stories from youtube. In this show, Neelesh Mishra, narrates the stories written by him or sent by various listeners. The way he narrates the stories is too good that you will laugh with him, cry with him. Some stories will leave you in the ocean of thoughts, forcing you to think about your way of life.
One can listen to Yaad Sheher at following links:
Season 1
Season 2


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Movie is an epic family entertainer. I liked it so much that watched it thrice in a row. Sarah Silverman did a pretty good job bringing the innocense and naughtiness of a child in the vanellope’s voice. Scenes between Ralph and Vanellope are incredible and will surely tempt you repeat and watch.

becoming a cyclist

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A year back, we(myself and subhashis) found out about this cycling club Icycle from facebook. I went for cycling with this club on a track near to bangalore “bidadi magadi track” which was a fantastic experience. Next level of Icycle was to nandi hills but due to busyness/clashing of our schedules with the events time, we could not go for that. So finally in december, I decided to purchase my own mountain bike so that whenever we will get the time, we could go on our own and not wait for icycle events. Me and karthik went on cycling for 95 Kms to and from Kolar (subhashis could not join as he was busy with something else). It was a totally different kind of experience. Cycling from 11AM in the morning to 9Pm in the evening. Butts were aching like anything. Body muscles stretched but the joy and feeling of cycling overcame it all. We(me and karthik) decided that someday we will go to mysore on cycle.
Two weeks back we went to nandi hills, a total distance 130 Kms including an 8Km 45 degree slope uphill track. Reaching at the top and resting on the grass while Rain also gave us the company, that feeling is indescribable.
Continuously challenging your body to achieve a little more, going to the edges, testing your boundaries, its a different type of fun.

following are few websites where one can find a very good collection of coding interview questions from various companies as well as on various subjects of computer science:

Also, there is a very good book by the founder of career cup “Cracking the Coding Interview Questions” which has a very good collection of commonly asked questions ranging from puzzles, algorithms to hard core technical OS, DBMS, Networking questions. It can be a very good book to start for.

following are links to few very good reputed portals where one can practice as well as participate in a no. of programming contest happening around the year. With google codejam starting in few days, one would surely love to visit these pages on regular basis.