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Came across this article while going through the various web pages. Quite a knowledgeable touching upon various aspects right from the history to the teachings, various sects, their differences, evolution as well as declination with the sand of time and a lot more.


tcpdump -i eth0 -w capture_file_name

tcpdump is a great command line utility to capture as well as analyze the network traffic on a particular interface. For example above command captures all the traffic on eth0 interface and writes to a file named “capture_file_name”. For more options , read the manpage.

Wireshark is another great utility to serve the same purpose which has a very rich GUI.

gmail keyboard shortcuts

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C -> compose new mail

g+i -> go to inbox

Enter -> open the current selected conversation/mail

j -> go to older mail if a mail is open or select older mail

k-> goto newer mail if a mail is open or select a newer mail

g+s -> go to starred mail

shift+# -> delete the current opened mail

For more gmail shortcuts refer to

Yesterday I watched the ind-nz 2nd test match 2nd day’s play in chinnaswamy. This was the 2nd time I visited chinnaswamy. The stadium itself is very pretty. There was a long queue outside the stadia for tickets and being the weekend, indian team batting, sachin tendulkar is part of team, all these factors were quite enough to justify the crowd. By the time we got the tickets, two wickets had already fallen and sachin and viru were on the crease. Just after lunch, both viru and sachin departed leaving india in serious trouble. Came after kohli and raina built a good partnership but just after his half century raina also went back to pavilion. Then captain cool entered with huge cheer from the crowd and made sure that india is not going to see any other blow for the remaining day.
Throughout the day there was maxican waves created by the audiences in the stadia which was pretty good to watch. Then there was a bunch of kids sitting behind us shouting so many things throughout the game. It was a whole together diff experience to enjoy.