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Today I casted my vote for the first time. Today 5th stage of the Lok sabha election 2014 is going on as I write this post in 120 constituencies across 12 states of India. This time, most of the people are confused whether to vote for a corruption free government AKA Aam Aadmi Party or Development Oriented ruler AKA Narendra Modi (I won’t say BJP ­čÖé ). Though whoever wins, but this election looks to be a forward progress towards building a strong nation. If Modi becomes PM and fulfills the expectation he has set by now, its all good otherwise the AAP is another alternative of which I am sure people are going to throne in state elections. But this time it seems to be a clear fight between two good alternatives and selection of either is going to help the country in one way or other. This election is also seeing a good rise in percentage of people casting their votes to select their leader rather than cribbing about the political parties after elections.
I would say if you have to cast your votes, choose either of these parties rather than wasting your vote on some regional party. Make this election bipartite and let the all other Mulayams and Ammas know that the country needs broader issues to be addressed than the local dirty vote bank politics.
Vote For Your Own Government, Vote For India.


Suddenly the entire web world is full of the openssl vulnerability news “The heartbleed Bug”. This bug has introduced a severe vulnerability to all the https users who use openssl for the secure network transmission. The bug exists because of an overflowing buffer using which anyone can request a lot of secure information from the server including the private key using which someone can even impersonate one for the man in the middle attack. This bug was introduced in the openssl version 1.0.1. Openssl has introduced a patched version 1.0.1g. What this means is that almost all of the internet, from big giants to smaller vendors, needs to update their certificates before some bad guy comes and steals the important information from them.
For the interested programmers and also the newbies who reads in their ABC of programming that malloc and free are dangerous but never understood it how, one can go through the code fix changes and can look for themselves how its necessary to understand the semantics of a programming language before doing something serious.