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Cheat Your Heart

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is a very nice trick to live the life which people tend to forget with the time. The trick is very simple, show the maturity in your decision but when it comes to making experiences, bring out the kid inside you. Like everyone says, its very easy for the kids to learn new things but actually the trick there is we make them believe for the things we prepare them for. We remind them of the same things with time and then there comes a time when they also start believing in it. Same is what we need to do. Something bad happened to you, a heart break, a fight with your best friend, you had a real bad day, just find something else to do right at that moment, something crazy enough to drive you away from those memories and pretend it never happened. Then a time will come, when you will actually believe that it never happened and then it won’t hurt anymore because it never happened. Yes, that sounds childish but it always works. But as I said in my earlier post , maturity in decisions which comes into picture when you take the learning from it and yes it is very important. Sounds a bit conflicting but it takes a lot of time to train yourself for it. And when you are ready, you can face anything in life, anything.


A valuable lesson

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Something happened yesterday and it taught me a very big lesson in life. Everything comes back once in a while. One can never run away from their Karmas. We may curse the gods for the bad things happening around us or we may buy some laddoos as prasad for them to make a change in our lives. But we are the ones responsible for whatsoever has happened and whatsoever will happen. Yes, sometimes you may think that life is unfair but if you look a little closer, it reflects a mirror image to you yet may be in some other frame. So whenever you are taking a next step, you may need to analyze from various frames, you may need to put yourself into the shoes of the characters involved in your incoming play. Maybe living in the momemt is how everyone says is one should do but sometimes those moments leave big scars. Its just we have to make the decision when to party and when to prepare for the storms. Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes but thats what makes us humans because we learn from them, we fall and then we rise having learnt another method how not to fall again. But its when we surrender to the mistakes is the point we are lost.